Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Add Digg To Blogger.com Posts

After a poking around the xml template for my site, and playing around with the Digg code, I've figured out how to add a Digg button to my posts.
Listed below is a quick how-to for adding this functionality to your website too.

  1. Make sure your blog is set to enable Post Pages and you are using the new Blogger, not the classic version

  2. Go to the customization section of your blog, on the Template tab select Edit HTML

  3. Make sure to click Download Full Template and save a backup copy to disk - just in case.

  4. Put a check in Expand Widget Templates.

  5. Search for

    Update: March 5th, 2009

    It has come to my attention that some templates use a slightly different formatting. If you cannot find the text listed above - try searching for and follow the rest of the instructions.

  6. Paste this on the line directly before it: