Thursday, October 25, 2007

Google Phone (or gPhone)

Google Phone (or gPhone) is a potential mobile phone or smartphone speculated to be connected with search engine giant Google. The speculation that Google would be entering the mobile phone market with a gPhone was first raised in December 2006 by writer Martha McKay in The Record.[1] Since that time, reports from both the BBC and The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) noted that Google wanted "Google search and Google applications on mobile, and it is working hard every day to deliver that." Further, it's now believed that Google is "showing the prototype to cellphone manufacturers and network operators as it continues to hone the technical specifications." As many as about 30 prototype gPhones are reported to be operating "in the wild".[2] InformationWeek in its recent story reported that Google has filed several patent applications in the area of mobile telephony, which hint at the arrival of gPhone in the near future.[3] Network World reported that Google’s GPhone is actually an open source software phone operating system, rather than a specific hardware device like the iPhone.[2] Phoronix has reported that Google is "looking to team up with OpenMoko" for the gPhone.[4] OpenMoko is a project to create a smartphone platform using free software, including the Linux kernel.

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